The Four Anti-Aging Tips You May have Missed

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Clones and nanobots may not be here in time to stop the effects of aging that we are all starting to feel. The only real fountain of youth we have is the information about slowing the aging process. You ought to know by now that we are all different. Even though extreme regimens work for a few people, I like the idea of moderation in good health programs.

1) Assuming you are not abusing your body with drugs, excessive alcohol or smoking, it is time to actually think about what you are feeding yourself. Fruits and vegetables need to be a bigger part of that and sugar needs to be less. You don’t have to become a vegan or never eat a cookie again. Just be aware of what you eat and if you are overweight, start to replace those excessive calories with more whole vegetables and less sweets.

2) You knew exercise was next, didn’t you? You don’t have to join a gym or run a marathon but you must exercise enough to maintain a healthy heart and lungs. Find any pleasant physical activity that you can do several times a week. If you are out of shape, it may be uncomfortable for a while but that extra oxygen and blood circulation alone will start turning back the clock. Attitude plays a big part in the appearance of aging.

3) You feel old when you look old so make sure you think young. Wear sunscreen, moisturize your skin, make sure you are well groomed and don’t start wearing shabby clothes just because they are comfortable.  Be aware of what young people are watching at the movies, listening to on the radio or playing on their computers. Be open-minded and cheerful even when you don’t feel like it. Nobody like a whiner or an old grouch.

4) If you are the competitive type, you need to continue to play and compete, not for the thrill of victory but the shear joy of being able to play. Playing is winning now. Enjoy yourself. You are in your “Second Adult Life”, something the average person didn’t have 100 years ago. Attitude again, consider it a “second chance”.  Make the most of it by using this information in your daily life. You might make your senior years the best years of your life.
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