Health Insurance before Medicare

I always want to keep the site on an upbeat tempo without ever starting to moan and groan about aches and pains. Why? Because I do believe in the “Law of Attraction”. However, I am also a very practical person. Just because I plan on being healthy forever, doesn’t mean that I don’t have health insurance.

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Solutions to YOUR Problems

Baby Boomer problems have solutions. Health, wealth and passion are the goals in a second adult life. Rick Perkins and offer practical solutions to problems ranging from finding a great hiking vacation to understanding swallowing problems or having great sex after forty.


The Four Anti-Aging Tips You May have Missed

over 53


over 65


Clones and nanobots may not be here in time to stop the effects of aging that we are all starting to feel. The only real fountain of youth we have is the information about slowing the aging process. You ought to know by now that we are all different. Even though extreme regimens work for a few people, I like the idea of moderation in good health programs.

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What Memory Loss?

“I can’t find where I parked my truck.Oh, I forgot, I drove the car today.”Sound familiar?

I have been scanning thousands of pages about how the memory works and what happens when you start to lose it.Of course, I’m really looking for ideas to help all of us over 43 keep or improve the memory that we currently have.You know I’m not a doctor so please consult your physician before starting any health related program.

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Relax BEFORE Sex?

Sexually active people in their twenties or thirties probably don’t need to relax before having sex.? But if you are single and over forty, there may be many reasons to be uptight and/or nervous before going to bed with your next date.? A few butterflies in the stomach may enhance a sexual encounter, but knots in your stomach do not bode well for a great experience.? Worried about:

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