Bedroom rut? Rejuvenate your sex life.

We all have our little routines, ruts and boring habits.We accept them because they generally fall into our comfort zone and might help us through our daily chores.You probably take the same route into work every day because it is efficient, and you don’t really have to think about it.I personally think that any rut we fall into promotes a dullness in our brain.

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Building Your Dream House?

So many friends and subscribers have mentioned that they are finally building their dream homes. Baby Boomers with money are retiring and we want to be comfortable. I have learned many things since my mother and father-in-law moved in with us. One of the most obvious is how much we take our mobility for granted.

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Health Insurance before Medicare

I always want to keep the site on an upbeat tempo without ever starting to moan and groan about aches and pains. Why? Because I do believe in the “Law of Attraction”. However, I am also a very practical person. Just because I plan on being healthy forever, doesn’t mean that I don’t have health insurance.

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Problem Solving – Men vs. Women

Advice for men.

(Ladies, feel free to print this out or forward it to your clueless guy.)

Why is she so upset with me? I was just trying to help.

Every time I see a question like this from a mature male, I wonder how he ever got a second date much less, stayed married for years and years. Men and women are natural problem solvers but that doesn’t mean they go through the same process. Men meet a problem with an immediate desire to solve it. A list of possible solutions jumps into our minds and we start weighing the outcome of every one. Granted, for some men, avoiding or ignoring the problem is a legitimate solution but still it is part of his thinking process. When the woman he cares about is upset about a problem in her life, he naturally wants to help. So what does he do? Immediately, he launches into his problem solving mode by offering a list of possible solutions…”Here is what you need to do.” or “Have you tried this or that?” WRONG!! All of her raw emotions turn to frustration and rage focused on her clueless partner. What these men do not understand is summarized very well in this quote by John Gray:

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Protect your Online Accounts

Enjoying Your Computer
Protect yourself online
The YAHOO email account of my younger daughter was just “hacked” and spam messages were sent to her address list using her account. You can usually avoid this kind of attack by following these three rules:
1. Use strong passwords (at least 8 digits using upper & lower case plus numbers & special characters)
2. Don’t use the same password for all your accounts.
3. Regularly scan your hard drive for Malware with updated anti-malware software.

Here are the definitions you asked for:

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Money Source

Don’t you feel stupid when you find out that something you “knew to be true” for most of your life turns out to not to be true at all? It could be a piece of family gossip that you heard as a kid or just the “fact” that George Washington had wooden false teeth.

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The Four Anti-Aging Tips You May have Missed

over 53


over 65


Clones and nanobots may not be here in time to stop the effects of aging that we are all starting to feel. The only real fountain of youth we have is the information about slowing the aging process. You ought to know by now that we are all different. Even though extreme regimens work for a few people, I like the idea of moderation in good health programs.

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