Enlightened Women Know the Truth

Richard Geer, George Clooney, Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt

For many years, brilliant women from around the world have encouraged Hollywood to spread their propaganda that
Richard Geer, George Clooney, Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt are the sexiest men on the planet.

Why? Because the really sexy men have become so rare that these selfish women want to keep them all to themselves.  Who are these men and how do they satisfy the needs of the luckiest women on Earth?  I may be labeled a traitor to my gender but I’m going to blow the cover off these hidden hunks of sensuous talents right now…These real men among men are the “Fixers”.

The media tells women they need hours of “foreplay” before being truly satisfied.  Enlightened women know, it all really starts withchoreplay“…

Don’t have a spoon?

A Fixer can take care of that.
Smart Spoon


Seatbelt broken?

A fixer knows what to do.

Fixed Seatbelt

New TV too big for the old cabinet?

Carpentry is a Fixer’s specialty

TV Too Big


Electrical problem? No Problem

A Fixer knows what to do.
Electrical solution

Car stereo stolen?

An obvious solution for a Fixer.

boom box


Bookshelf cracking under the weight?
Not even a second thought from a Fixer.

structural books

Original equipment GPS too expensive?

Your gift from a Fixer.
Homemade GPS system


No ice chest for the party with your girlfriends?

Get the beer – your Fixer has got it covered.  

special ice chest


Can’t read the ATM screen honey buns?
Your Fixer to the rescue.

Sun Blocker ATM


Car imported from the wrong country?

A Fixer knows what to do.
Switch driving side


Satellite always goes out in the rain?

A Fixer’s natural solution
rain off disk


Electric stove broken and you need your coffee?

Your wish fulfilled by your Fixer.
coffee needs heating


Wiper Motor Burned Out?

Your Fixer wants you to be safe.
broken windshield wiper


Gotta feed the baby AND help you do the laundry?

A Fixer can do that!
baby must be fed


Cables falling behind the desk?

A Fixer can be practical and ingenious!

cable clips

Rick actually likes this idea.


Out of diapers in the middle of the night?

Come back to bed, your Fixer solves another problem!

No Diapers

Hope this tongue-in-cheek report put a smile on your face.

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A Real Fixer

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