Enjoying Life?


Overworked and underpaid? In a rut? Dragging along day after day just dreading the next situation that needs your attention? Feel like you need a Genie or at least a lottery win to get off the merry-go-round and start living the life you really want?

You Are Not Alone!

Baby Boomers have been working hard most of their lives to build the American Dream for themselves and their families.When the Tech Bubble burst, many of us lost 30-70% of our savings, our businesses and our plans for an early retirement.With more long hours and hard work, a few have recovered from the devastation of the first half of this decade only to be hit with more challenges from wildfires to outrageous medical expenses.

What Happened To “The Easy Life”

As a kid, I thought life was supposed to get easier as you got older.I guess I saw retirees with great pension plans buying new cars, traveling or moving to Florida.Grandparents taking their grandkids to Disney World or just relaxing in a rocking chair on the front porch.WOW, what a fantasy world.  Reality ? no pension; mounting debts from education loans, variable rate home mortgages, rising property taxes and medical expenses; aches & pains and that stupid doctor who starts every conversation with, ” When you reach a certain age…”

What Happens Next?

If you are like most people, nothing; a dull, depressing continuation of the status quo. You are in a rut. Even if you don?t like it, things are familiar, maybe even comfortable . You will continue until you try to retire but probably start working a part time job to “make ends meet”. You might play a little golf or even take a cruise or travel overseas. And then, you get sick or have a heart attack or stroke and you enter a nursing home “just until you recover.” And then it’s over…

You Say That?s Not Going To Happen To You?

Prove it! Start a unique retirement plan right now.Take an afternoon off and go to a park or anywhere you can be comfortable and alone.Turn off your cell phone.Now, make a list of what would make YOU happy for the next thirty years.Be specific.Under each item, list the ways you can make this change happen now.

Take Action

Obviously, this is the part where most people choke.They will wait for the ?right? time or they will get busy, appearing to act but really just spinning some wheels.Either way, nothing really happens.You have to be decisive.Take bold steps and don?t look back.I?m not saying quit your dead-end job tomorrow, but set a date.Take charge of your life.Know what your next step is going to be and make sure you take it.You will be surprised at how powerful and liberated this knowledge and action makes you feel.

Hidden Dangers

I?m not a psychologist but I do know that our minds like order in our lives.You are making plans to crawl out of your rut and improve your life, you are disrupting the norm, causing a little chaos for a while.Moving through this chaos may be uncomfortable.The first thing your brain is going to want to do is return to the familiar rut. Don’t let this happen! You have to find ways to close the door behind you so that you can move forward and never slide back.

Feeling Your Mortality

You have probably come to realize that you are not going to live forever.You have done your first forty or fifty years by the book and found out you want more.If you want to make the next thirty years the very best of your life, you have to make it happen.I know this sounds like more work and more energy than you have in you right now.But the clock is ticking. If you want a change, now is the time to start. This is a challenge but the rewards are great.

Is This Really Possible?

Only you can answer that.I think it is.One thing for sure, if you do nothing for another month, you will be 30 days older and still be in the same rut.Act Now!

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