Forced to Retire at age ??

Are you familiar with the issue of forced retirement for commercial airline pilots? There are many details influencing opinions in this particular industry (like how different airlines compensate their pilots).

But how about in general? Should someone or some group be forced to retire simply because of there age? If an airline pilot is required to retire at 60 or 65 or 70, should a bus driver or cabbie face the same requirement? What if the exceptional 65 year old passes competency tests that his mediocre 35 year old co-worker couldn’t pass? Obviously, anytime we put ourselves or our families in the care of public employees, we want to feel like we are going to be safe. Would you feel safer if you knew the person controlling your destiny was 30 vs. 70? Does experience override the faster/stronger physical abilities of youth?

Post your comments or experiences.

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