Found Money and Cheapest Gasoline

When you have multiple streams of passive income, it is easy to be a little “loose” with your money.  You might pay full retail because it is more convenient at the time or buy things you know you will never use because it is for a good cause.  For some of us, the frugal traits of yesteryear never go away no matter how much money we have in the bank.    Here are two fun sites that are very “frugal friendly”…

Sites for finding the cheapest gasoline in your area have been around for a long time.  You can always find a few by entering “cheapest gasoline” in a Google search.  However, MSN has a new site that is very professional, up-to-date and show maps to the lowest priced retailers.  The MSN site is:

You may have seen ads on tv for books about finding lost money.  They want you to pay them for telling you where to find government listings of money left in bank accounts or deposits never claimed or benefits checks never cashed.  Even a frugal person can forget a utility deposit or may not even know about a refund that was made but never claimed.  I think these things happen more frequently to people who have moved many times during their life.  I’m giving you one of these sites for free.  If you have an unusual name, it will pop right out, for more common names, you will have to scroll through and look at the addresses.  If you have lived in several states, try your name in each one.

Good luck!

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