How do I break long term relationship?

Dear Rick,

First of all, I’m a good guy. I’m almost 50 and was married and divorced when I was very young. Somewhere along the line I started dating a crazy woman and have been on and off with her for over 12 years!? Every time I break up with her, she finds a way to see me again and I just fall under her spell. Yes, we have great passionate sex and she really knows how to push all my buttons. Sometimes I think I’m lazy because the sex is so good and so easy. But she is not good for me. She drains my assets and doesn’t like me to see my family or friends. We really don’t have much in common but no woman has ever come close to turning me on the way she does.? What can I do to break this spell she has on me?

Mike G. -Chicago

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  1. Mike:

    It seems you already determined that she is not good for you. If you think she could have a mean or vindictive streak, you need to proceed carefully. I’m sure, after twelve years, she probably knows your SS#, Driver’s license #, checking account, passwords and and other personal information better than you do. So,
    * Change everything you can as fast as you can
    * Consult an attorney if you think you will need to take out a restraining order against her.
    * Know ahead of time if her family knows she’s crazy or if they will support her against you.
    I know this sounds like a lot of work to give up the greatest sex partner of your life. I might also suggest that you become a paid member of and find another out let for your passion.

    Anyone else have some experience and advice for Mike?

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