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I like the way Baby Boomers think. I ask everyone who has completed the wealth building section of “The Smart Person’s Guide to a Great Retirement”, “What are you doing with your money now that you have new streams of passive income?” I expected to hear about new homes, new vehicles, trips and paying off debts but I’m pleased to hear from so many people that are spending time and money taking care of their bodies. New spa and gym memberships seem to be a priority, a few personal trainers but lots of weekly massage treatments.

Back in the old stressful Corporate days, I would have very painful knots in my shoulders that never went away. I finally got relief when I started having a weekly massage. Even though it was medicinal, at that time, I felt it was such a luxury that I hesitated to talk about it. Well now we know how those movie stars manage to stay young looking and active. They have the time and money to take care of themselves.

Some of you who have never had extra money, tell me that you are hoarding your new wealth in stocks and real estate or just building up big bank accounts. Remember that we are planning to make the next 30-40 years, the very best of our lives. Spend some of that money on yourself! Take care of your body and get a massage. A good therapist will keep your blood flowing, your joints loose and your muscles relaxed. Add a little exercise and you may be amazed at how good you feel.

If you and your spouse or partner have never experimented with giving each other full body massages, it may be just the thing to add some heat to your love life. I’m sure Jon will have something to say about that on his new free membership site:

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  1. I used to travel quite a bit and always came back to the hotel feeling sore and wiped out. I got smart and started to make massage appointments for the nights before my presentations. I had a good expense account back then and had as many as three massages a week! When I retired, I felt I couldn’t afford to pay for them on my own nickel. I think that is one reason I became old and cranky. The first thing I did with the money I made after reading Rick’s Smart Retirement book was get a massage. Now I have one every week and will never give it up. Jen

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