“Money, Happiness and Good Sex” Which doesn’t belong?

Is this a trick question?

Many wealthy people have lost a lot of their wealth in the last ten years (and I’m not talking about Tiger Woods).  Most poor people have stayed poor. Working Baby Boomers have taken a few steps toward the poorhouse and small business owners, the economic backbone of America have taken hit after hit with many not surviving.  Focusing this is depressing and frankly many will never get over it.  Unfortunately, they have let the loss of “money” destroy their happiness and ruin their sex life.

By this time in your life, you have probably noticed that your sex life is a lot better when you feel good about yourself.  Feeling strong and healthy and good about your body certainly helps.  What about feeling successful, confident and financially comfortable? You bet!!

Can a person be poor, happy and have a good sex life?  YES.

Can a person be rich, unhappy and have a miserable sex life? Of course.

With just those two statement, it would appear that money has nothing to do with being happy and having a good sex life.  Mae West said, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor.  Rich is better.”  Donald Trump went from “poor” to multi-millionaire to almost bankruptcy a few years ago.  I’ve heard that he so disliked the feeling of not having the multi-millionaire lifestyle that he didn’t take the time to be depressed or even recall all his losses to anyone who would listen.  He just went back to work, building up an even bigger financial empire.  I have the feeling that his sex life didn’t suffer a bit during this time.

Those who say, “Money can’t buy happiness”, don’t know where to shop.  This brings me to the point of this post.  Money itself doesn’t belong in the same group as Happiness and Good Sex.

The benefits derived from having money are what we all are seeking.

When you can buy good health care, good food, freedom to pursue your passion and help others in need, then your happiness and good sex life just come so much easier.  But you should not allow losing your “money” to take away the happiness and good sex that you already have.  Separate these in your mind and in your daily affirmations.  “I may not have the money I once did, but that does not affect my happiness and good sex life.  I will work to fill my coffers once again while I continue to enjoy my happy life.”  Focus on the good life and whatever you want in your future and the “Law of Attraction” has to make it happen.  Focus on loss & misery and you will only create more of the same.


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  1. Rick, you have just the right words. My husband has been depressed because we lost so much money in the stock market. I tried to convince him that we still have a good life and lots of years to go but he shut me out. I left your message on the kitchen table yesterday. I guess it took an outsider to get thru his thick head because today he brought me flowers! Good to have him back. thanx, Mary Sue

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