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Life Purpose

If you have yet to find your life’s purpose, this post is for you.
You may have raised a family, had a career, contributed to your community, and made your parents proud. So why do you feel like something is missing? An entire adult life, many, many years in the making is now complete? But it doesn’t feel complete…you don’t feel complete. Why? Because you have yet to reach your full potential and fulfill your purpose in life.

Good News

You are in luck. You may easily live another twenty to forty years or more. That is an entire “Second Adult Life”! Think about it. This is your chance to take everything you have learned and earned in your first adult life and start again with one goal to be laser focused on. Start to live your life with passion, knowing every day you are moving toward fulfilling your purpose in life.  This is the opposite of most “Self-Help” advice.  I could convince you that exercising is good for you or starting a business would solve your financial problems.  You would agree and then never take the action steps.  Taking action is no problem once you discover your Passion & Purpose.  This is a mindset problem.  Once you find your solution, nothing can keep you from taking massive action.

Passion & Potential cover


Discover Your Full Potential pg 5
Your Mind is Your Biggest Asset pg 7
So What is the Deal About Passion? pg 9
How Do You Find Your Purpose? pg 13
How Do You Commit to Your Purpose? pg 19
Why is This So Important? pg 23
Taking Action pg 25

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