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Dear Rick, How do I show “the love of my life”, my husband, how much he means to me?

Dear “Texas Gal”,
Hopefully the “love of your life” is not an idiot and can tell how important he is to you by all the things, big and small that you already do for him. But of course, even the best men are pigs or rather hogs and will gladly slop up any sweetness you throw their way.  So, if you have the time and energy to spare, here are some suggestions:

  • If a man loves his work, he loves that his sweetheart shows an interest in it.  If he hates his work, don’t even mention it.
  • Unless it is bad for his health, I’m sure your special food treats are appreciated.
  • Has he actually done anything to deserve being the “love of your life”?  If so, have you told him?
  • Do you brush against him when you pass by?  Do you sit close and snuggle at the movies or watching tv?
  • There are hundreds of cute little romantic things you can do if he likes that sort of thing.
  • Can you make him laugh?
  • And then there are those special bedroom tricks that get any man’s attention….

Thankfully, men and women can be very different.  But in midlife, most of us share similar desires,

  • to be appreciated
  • to be productive
  • to feel free to be ourselves
  • to feel fulfilled

I hear from many people who are ready to unburden themselves from responsibilities they have carried for years, whether it’s a deadbeat relative or just a household chore. Helping them to eliminate an unwanted burden is a fantastic display of love and

Happiness is in the everyday experience and not a final destination.  When someone like you expresses their love, it has to brighten the day.  Your husband is a very, very lucky man.


Here are two sources for more ideas and  there are plenty more in our member’s site.

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  1. I loved reading the 101 romantic ideas. They are not the same old hum drum ideas you always read. They are ideas for the guys but I think the girls could use most of the ideas too. I know I’m going to try a few ……:o)

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