What Memory Loss?

“I can’t find where I parked my truck.Oh, I forgot, I drove the car today.”Sound familiar?

I have been scanning thousands of pages about how the memory works and what happens when you start to lose it.Of course, I’m really looking for ideas to help all of us over 43 keep or improve the memory that we currently have.You know I’m not a doctor so please consult your physician before starting any health related program.

I’ve tried to filter out the scams, the unreasonable, the unavailable and the impractical.Here are some of my conclusions:

Some “non-medical” authors will try to tell you that the only reason your memory gets worse with age is because you don’t use it as much and if you just concentrate a little more and pay more attention to what you are doing, you won’t lose your memory.My common sense, observation and the medical professionals think that is a bunch of horse manure.

According to a “Scientific American” article in January 2008, “a lessened supply of new nerve cells” in the aging mind could trigger short term memory loss.Scientist don’t know for sure.This is where my practical, Capricorn mind kicks in.I really don’t care what causes memory loss in aging humans.I just want to know how to prevent it from happening to me.

So this is the great part…even though we don’t know for an absolute certainty what causes it, we do know several things that can prevent it!And if you have already started losing your memory, you can possibly regain and even improve it!I love finding solutions to problems.

Those of you following “The Smart Person’s Guide to a Great Retirement” are probably already enjoying the kind of lifestyle that supports a healthy memory.Some of the daily living choices that support a healthy brain and enhance memory are:

Seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

Proper nutrition with the right supplements and fats (did you know that quality dark chocolate and even a little caffeine can help?)

Aerobic exercise

Eliminating stress

Good brain stimulation (beyond working crossword puzzles.)

And if you want to go beyond the average “good memory”, there are proven systems to dramatically improve your memory and learning speed.

All of these healthy choices help more than just your memory. Clearer thinking, better balance, better sex and more energy for everything you do can be welcomed side benefits. If you want to learn more about how your memory works and what you can do to improve it, check out this program: Over 43 Memory    This is a paid program but it offers quite a bit of training and information.


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