Where Did Tiger Woods Mess UP?

George Clooney has affairs with ten or twelve women and is considered the “Sexist Man on the Planet”.

Fame and fortune continues to flow with sponsors begging for his endorsements.

Tiger Woods does the same and may become an “untouchable” in the marketing world. He will lose tens of millions of dollars and maybe more. What was his big mistake? He got married! Tiger felt the need to tie the knot with a beautiful wife and create a perfect family.? No matter what caused him to do this it couldn’t keep him from feeling he had to continue to make conquest after conquest.

Lesson for Baby Boomers.? You are starting your second adult life.? Don’t make the same mistakes you made in the first one.? This is all a part of the “If I only knew then what I know now” lesson.? If you are now single and have the strong desire to date multiple partners, do not get married again!

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