Where Does Your Time Go?

As you walk out of the house for a trip to the store, you tell your spouse, “I’ll be back in an hour.”  Two or three hours later you return.

If you’re handyman like me, even little jobs seem to take much longer than they used to.Time Flies

If you hang around young people, you have probably been coaxed into playing some timed video game.  Whether you are go or bad, when the voice from the computer says, “TIME UP”,  your first thought has got to be, “No way!”

This concept that time has sped up somehow keeps coming up again and again with the people I meet.  One woman just told me that she thought it was due to all the recent earthquakes. Actually, I think I read somewhere that may be true. But I’m not talking about 1000th of a second. I’m talking about hours, days in a week.

I used to fall back on the explanation that as a five-year-old, a year is 20% of your life. As a 50-year-old, one year is only 2% of your life so it seems so much shorter.  Again, that may be true but I don’t think it’s our real problem.

All successful entrepreneurs realize that the most valuable asset in the world is time. If you’ve ever been a corporate executive, you’ve probably attended time management courses. You probably realize this is a misnomer as everyone has the same amount of time; it’s how you manage yourself and your activities that make the difference.Set Your Clocks Forward

So what is important enough to you in your second adult life to spend your most valuable asset? I’ll bet it’s not watching TV or playing video games by yourself. The time treasure chest is limited and you are the one who decides how the spend.

Do you have a mission in life?

Is there something you need to do to feel fulfilled?

Are you ready to enjoy your friends and family like you never have before?

Is your work important enough to completely deplete your treasure chest of time?

Maybe you think it’s best to dole out your time in equal portions to all the things that are important to you. I’m not knocking this idea but like money dribbled out to several charities, it doesn’t have the same effect as when it’s all given to one.

Sounds like “focus” may be a big factor here.  Please contribute your ideas and solutions in a comment below or send a message through the “Send me your questions link.”


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  1. I’m glad it wasn’t just me! Maybe just too much going on or too easily distracted. I want to see all/do all. Wasn’t there some articles about this Rick?

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