Who Will Remember You?

Hey Rick,

I’ve got all I really need to continue with the “good life” during the time I have left on this planet.  Although I’m happy, I’ve started to wonder why I’m here and what have I done for mankind.  I can’t leave a huge trust fund to my grandkids so will they even remember me when they get older?


First of all, Olsen, congratulations!! I love to hear about success.  It is not at all unusual for a hardworking, driven person to reach all of his/her personal goals and still feel that something is missing.  Many feel unfulfilled or simply want to know that their life had “meaning”.  Your grand kids are the perfect place to start.  Create memories for them by teaching them what you know, be a mentor, help them think through tough situations.  Don’t be the grumpy old man they visit in a nursing home.  Be the “superstar” that taught them how to fish, ride a horse, use a library, draw a cartoon character or appreciate a museum.  Teach them the one magic trick you know or how to make a paper airplane.  Show them the value of learning from “old people”, about personal responsibility, how the “bad guys” try to control people with fear tactics.  You are financially successful.  What if someone had taught you about the stock market, compound interest and taxes when you were fifteen?  You don’t have to have grand kids or money to do this.  The best way to be remembered is to pass on a piece of yourself.  In the member’s area, I have two good sources for many more ideas on being a mentor and leaving a legacy.  (Under Mental health in “Free Products for Members” area)

Good luck and have fun.


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  1. Very good advice. I “do” things with my grandkids like when my grandaughter visits we try and bake something. My grandson’s love sports so I keep up with sports so I can have a conversation with them about a subject they like. While I can’t leave them a trust fund I’m leaving their family history behind as my interest is in genealogy because when they get older they will ask the question where do I come from and this granny has the answers for them. To me this is my way of leaving my mark in the family behind.

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