Bedroom rut? Rejuvenate your sex life.

We all have our little routines, ruts and boring habits.We accept them because they generally fall into our comfort zone and might help us through our daily chores.You probably take the same route into work every day because it is efficient, and you don’t really have to think about it.I personally think that any rut we fall into promotes a dullness in our brain.

So, you are in a long term relationship and have settled into a regular love making session with your partner.It is comfortable and you both leave the bedroom satisfied.Wow. Sound as exciting as having Thanksgiving dinner in a school cafeteria.Even if that is okay with you, how long can it be until you or your partner get restless or bored?If you want to keep the sexual desire burning brightly, you have to nurture your passion for each other.This may come naturally to you or you may have to put forth a little more effort.Growing prize winning orchids may take more effort than great roses but either one will whither and die without the proper amount of light & water, food & trimming.The same is true in your sex life.Here are some ideas to help keep the spark alive.

1. Change your routine! I know we are not teenagers but when was the last time you made love on the living room floor or couch? How about outside or in the car? You probably have a routine pattern that you go through once you are in bed with your partner.When you feel yourself starting this ritual, stop, make a little change. If you are healthy and have sex two or three times a week, every session doesn’t have to be different. Sometimes a spontaneous caveman “quickie” can be exciting to you and your partner but don’t make it a habit.

2. Make time for your encounters. We are all very busy and never seem to have the time we want to do anything for ourselves.If you have to, schedule time for your love making like a date or business meeting.Allow time to wind down.Take a shower or bubble bath with your partner or exchange massages before having sex. In addition to giving you time to relax, your anticipation has time to build.

3. Speaking of anticipation…Your sexual excitement begins in your brain. If you have a “date” tonight, start to build some excitement in the morning. Put on a different perfume or cologne.Wear your sexy underwear.If you live with your partner, put a love note in their lunch box or purse, bring their coffee to them in the bathroom while they get ready for breakfast. Do one of your partner’s normal morning chores for them (make the bed, take out the trash, etc.) Don’t forget to give them a very passionate goodbye kiss.

4. Take it slow.Passion doesn’t have to be the rip-off the clothes throw you against the wall type of lovemaking you sometimes see in the movies.Again, change your routine.Play footsies at the dinner table, both of you wash the dishes ? topless, slowly undress your partner, kissing and touching them lightly without grabbing and groping.After showering, massaged her feet or give his temples and jaws a relaxing rub.Scented candles, music, warmed massage lotions or oils can all add to your building anticipation. Enjoy the journey not just the destination.

5. Try different positions. Granted you might not be as flexible as you once were. Yoga can be a great help in that area. But still, health issues or other physical problems can make your formerly favorite lovemaking positions uncomfortable or even impossible. If arthritis is a problem, try side-to-side positions, which relieve any need to support yourself or accommodate your partner’s weight. Sitting positions let you vary the depth of penetration while giving you additional support (especially if you place the chair against a wall). If a man has trouble maintaining an erection, he may want to try lying on top of his partner with his legs outside hers so that she can further stimulate his penis by squeezing her thighs together.

6. Enjoy the “afterglow” of lovemaking by holding each other or simply falling asleep together (don’t forget to put out the candles!)One more word of advice,sometimes one partner goes to a lot of effort to prepare a fantastic session only to find out that their partner doesn’t feel good or has a big problem on their mind.The wise person, doesn’t mention anything about the session preparation and simply comforts their partner in a non-sexual loving way.

Of course, entire books have been written on this subject and you can find new tips in most any of them. My best advice is to watch and listen to your partner for clues as to what makes them excited.And of course, stay out of the ruts.

Building Your Dream House?

So many friends and subscribers have mentioned that they are finally building their dream homes. Baby Boomers with money are retiring and we want to be comfortable. I have learned many things since my mother and father-in-law moved in with us. One of the most obvious is how much we take our mobility for granted.

I’m sure you can all pitch in something on this post. I’ll start out by saying, build your house with the idea that you will be living in it when you are ninety-five. It is much easier design it now with wide interior doors, space for ramps, grab bars and no stairs. Think of it as avoiding the argument with your kids the first time they think of sending you to a senior care center because you can’t get a wheel chair into your kitchen.

Health Insurance before Medicare

I always want to keep the site on an upbeat tempo without ever starting to moan and groan about aches and pains. Why? Because I do believe in the “Law of Attraction”. However, I am also a very practical person. Just because I plan on being healthy forever, doesn’t mean that I don’t have health insurance.

Bob Moos of the Dallas Morning News wrote this article, reporting on the issues facing older Baby Boomers who are no longer covered by an employer or group health insurance plan, but are too young to qualify for Medicare coverage.

It seems some entrepreneurs will be finding opportunities with those of us who get caught in this situation. On the other hand, options today are limited.

Problem Solving – Men vs. Women

Advice for men.

(Ladies, feel free to print this out or forward it to your clueless guy.)

Why is she so upset with me? I was just trying to help.

Every time I see a question like this from a mature male, I wonder how he ever got a second date much less, stayed married for years and years. Men and women are natural problem solvers but that doesn’t mean they go through the same process. Men meet a problem with an immediate desire to solve it. A list of possible solutions jumps into our minds and we start weighing the outcome of every one. Granted, for some men, avoiding or ignoring the problem is a legitimate solution but still it is part of his thinking process. When the woman he cares about is upset about a problem in her life, he naturally wants to help. So what does he do? Immediately, he launches into his problem solving mode by offering a list of possible solutions…”Here is what you need to do.” or “Have you tried this or that?” WRONG!! All of her raw emotions turn to frustration and rage focused on her clueless partner. What these men do not understand is summarized very well in this quote by John Gray:

Problem solving

I am Mr. FixIt, a compulsive problem solver, and believe me when I say I know how tempting it is to start offering solutions to anyone with problems. But when your partner comes to you, stressed and upset about a problem in her life, she is seeking support and understanding, someone to listen and empathize with her. Bite your lip if you have to, offer a hug, open ears and at most an “Uh-huh”, “That’s terrible” or “I understand”. Even, “It’ll be okay” might be too much. You can offer all the solutions you want a little later when she is ready to solve the problem. If you want her to brag about you to her friends, be the best, most understanding man alive and keep your mouth shut.

A note to my female readers:
I know most of you are strong, independent women who might want to bash me for using a stereotype emotional female image in my post. Please don’t. Not all guys are the clueless idiot character either but they are out there and need help. If you have some more advice for men in this situation, please add a comment.

One day at a time is the only way we can live.


Protect your Online Accounts

Enjoying Your Computer
Protect yourself online
The YAHOO email account of my younger daughter was just “hacked” and spam messages were sent to her address list using her account. You can usually avoid this kind of attack by following these three rules:
1. Use strong passwords (at least 8 digits using upper & lower case plus numbers & special characters)
2. Don’t use the same password for all your accounts.
3. Regularly scan your hard drive for Malware with updated anti-malware software.

Here are the definitions you asked for:

Malware is malicious, basically anything bad that you don’t want. ( In law, malware is sometimes known as a computer contaminant)

A computer virus is malware that can reproduce itself, the term is sometimes used erroneously to refer to the entire category Viruses require human interaction. In the early days, this was often giving a floppy disk to a friend who then put it in his computer. These days it means double-clicking an email attachment or visiting a website.
Spyware is like a spy, it secretly steals information.  It is used to monitor/Log the activity performed on a computer. These are used to spy on someone either for legal or illegal purpose. (spywares such as keyloggers are installed by the owner of a shared, corporate, or public computer on purpose in order to secretly monitor other users)
Adware displays ads (generally in POP-UP’s form without your permission)

A Worm is a program which infects the computers which are connected by some network. Worms slow down the network. Worms are completely autonomous. They actively scan the internet for new targets, immediately infect them and the new target starts scanning the internet for new targets. Worms can spread extremely quickly because there is no need for human interaction. Nimda, Code Red and Blaster are famous examples of this.

A Trojan is a program which is usually hidden as a useful program, but can then be used by a hacker to take control of your computer. [Trojans are also known as Backdoors]. Trojan Horses are disguised to look like something useful but are actually malicious. Most trojan horses these days fall under one of the other categories because nobody writes random destructive code anymore. In the early days many viruses and trojan horses would do nothing more than delete your entire hard drive. Now, the virus writers want to make money by sending spam or collecting credit card numbers and marketing information.


Solutions to YOUR Problems

My surveys say the number one Baby Boomer problem is “how to make and keep more money“.? No matter how I seem to phrase the question, the number two problem is also money related; “Where do I find affordable health care?“? Now that I have shown you how to create passive streams of income with an Internet marketing business (A Smart Person’s Guide to A Great Retirement) , are you ready to solve some more problems?? First of all, isn’t it great the number of problems that can actually be solved by having money?

Baby Boomers are now between 46 and 64 years old.? After the Wealth issues,? it didn’t surprise me that Health issues jumped up.? I will continue to post Natural and Alternative solutions to our most common health concerns.? I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice.? I can only provide what may have worked for other people and suggest that you investigate further and bring up the topic with your physician.

Healthy eating habits and moderate exercise continues to fuel the desire for a Great Sex Life but I’m amazed at how little some people have learned since their teenage years.? It is certainly not too late to learn how to WOW your partner with multiple orgasms and unbelievable good feelings.? And if you don’t have a partner, learn to use online dating sites in a safe and effective manner.? These are not insurmountable problems!? Some solutions are easier than others but so far, If you are willing to do the work, I’ve got you covered.

So I’m now open to finding solutions for very specific problems.? What will it take to make the coming years the very best of your life?

  • Self Improvement – Finding happiness, success, fulfillment
  • Curious about sex toys, escorts, sensual massage, tantric sex but too shy to ask?
  • Need some general financial tips that your Financial Adviser may never tell you?? Like? why you don’t want to just sell your accumulated stock outright.
  • Have trouble swallowing?? You are not alone.
  • Will you someday be a huge burden to your children?? Why not plan to be a hero.
  • Need help with that damn computer, cell phone, DVD player or HD TV?
  • Do you really understand what will happen if you have LASIK or Lens Replacement eye surgery?
  • If you had to go into the hospital, do you have someone close to act as your advocate?
  • Do you have a reason to be excited about getting out of bed in the morning?
  • And the fun problems…A great hiking vacation, How to best help the grandkids, How to be a mentor, Where to find a recipe, Be a Secret Santa

If you are a member of? ““, you already have access to some of these solutions.? If you have a specific question, ask it here (in the Comments section below) and I’ll try to point you in the right direction.? Be active and curious and stay out of the “rut”.????

Money Source

Don’t you feel stupid when you find out that something you “knew to be true” for most of your life turns out to not to be true at all? It could be a piece of family gossip that you heard as a kid or just the “fact” that George Washington had wooden false teeth.

I have offered readers many solutions to financial problems and various sources for cash “infusion”. I have never suggested a “Reverse Mortgage” because I had this unfounded and false notion that there was something “bad” about reverse mortgages.

Of course, reverse mortgages are not for everyone. If you or your parents are concerned about financing your retirement life, you really should look into this option. The “Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgage” is a good summary and well worth reading just to dispel any negative bias you (or I) might have.


I have no financial, personal or business connection with this site or its owners.

Making Money Online – The Simple Version

Everyone wants to know the “secret” to making money online. Please don’t waste your time and money searching for the best “Get Rich Quick” idea on the Internet. If it hasn’t hit you yet, you will soon realize that you have a limited amount of time left. It is your most valuable asset so be prudent and try not to waste it.

Making money online is not difficult but to have a constant stream of passive income (the best kind to have) you have to create a “real” business. You can sell all the junk in your house on EBay to make some money but when you run out of “junk”, your income is gone. That is a garage sale, not a business.

It may be cheaper, faster and easier to set up an online business than a “brick & mortar” offline business but all the basics are the same. I can save you hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars right now by giving you the “secret” for creating a money making business on the Internet. Please don’t spend any more time or money looking for this.

#1 Find a “hungry market”. This is a group of people passionate about a common interest.

#2 Make sure these people already freely spend money on whatever they are passionate about.

#3 Find or create a product that satisfies the “hunger” of this group.

#4 Let the group know you have the product that they want. (Internet Marketing)

#5 Sell them the product and keep their name and address so that you can sell them something else next week.

That’s It! And yet 95% of new online businesses fail. Many, many books and courses have been written on every aspect of the five points above. It is very easy to lose focus, get buried in information and spend a lot of time and money without making a dime (been there-done that).

I assume you are here because you are over 45 and you want to make the next thirty to forty years, the very best of your life. For that to happen, you need money. But that is not all you need. You need a particular mindset and step by step guidance until you have a constant stream of income and the confidence to know that you can repeat your success over and over again. I can only recommend that you join our membership site and read my book, “A Smart Person’s Guide to a Great Retirement” and follow the included video workshop for setting up your basic niche business. Then, once the money is coming in, you can build and “tweak” the business with as many new “secret” strategies as you want.  For step-by-step, easy to understand instructions for building an online business, Jim Daniels has created several excellent products.Click Here!

I didn’t mean for this post to be a sales pitch but just offer a bit of advice.

  • Decide what you really want for the rest of your life
  • Stay FOCUSED on ONE program at a time and follow it through to completion.
  • Don’t get overloaded with information, there will always be more interesting new books, tips & freebies. You can find them when you need them.
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You need money now to set-up your fantastic second adult life so follow a proven method and save your precious time for what you really want to do.

Good Luck,

Get  help and practical advice as a member of (Please, tell all your ‘over 40’ friends about us.)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I should receive an affiliate commission for sites mentioned in this post.


Who Will Remember You?

Hey Rick,

I’ve got all I really need to continue with the “good life” during the time I have left on this planet.  Although I’m happy, I’ve started to wonder why I’m here and what have I done for mankind.  I can’t leave a huge trust fund to my grandkids so will they even remember me when they get older?


First of all, Olsen, congratulations!! I love to hear about success.  It is not at all unusual for a hardworking, driven person to reach all of his/her personal goals and still feel that something is missing.  Many feel unfulfilled or simply want to know that their life had “meaning”.  Your grand kids are the perfect place to start.  Create memories for them by teaching them what you know, be a mentor, help them think through tough situations.  Don’t be the grumpy old man they visit in a nursing home.  Be the “superstar” that taught them how to fish, ride a horse, use a library, draw a cartoon character or appreciate a museum.  Teach them the one magic trick you know or how to make a paper airplane.  Show them the value of learning from “old people”, about personal responsibility, how the “bad guys” try to control people with fear tactics.  You are financially successful.  What if someone had taught you about the stock market, compound interest and taxes when you were fifteen?  You don’t have to have grand kids or money to do this.  The best way to be remembered is to pass on a piece of yourself.  In the member’s area, I have two good sources for many more ideas on being a mentor and leaving a legacy.  (Under Mental health in “Free Products for Members” area)

Good luck and have fun.


Woodworkers-Have you seen these plans?


I know this is not for everyone but I’m a woodworker and I just couldn’t help promoting this product.

This is a straight up product recommendation for these 14,000 woodworking plans.

If you or your partner are a woodworker just take a look at this package.  You can search, print…just take a look.  Click on the download button.

I will receive an affiliate commission if you purchase these plans.  Rick