Working Retirement

Ok, I’m taking a call while I’m on top of a ladder at home. I like working. Is that such a bad thing?
Rick Ladder

I’ve had people tell me that I’m going to die young because I work too hard. Now that I could retire, they tell me the secret to living to a ripe old age is to get up every morning and go to work. This is exactly why you have to listen to yourself. You know what is good for you. You know what feels good. You are now in your second adult life…Don’t blow it!! Your focus should be on YOU. If for some reason you can’t get past some old tape that says this is wrong or selfish, remember, THE BEST WAY TO MAKE THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU HAPPY IS TO MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY FIRST!


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  1. Hi, Hope you are doing what makes you happy. What you do makes ME happy. Making yourself happy first spreads the good feeling to others. Thanks for setting me up . My paintings look good. You got some great pictures on there.

    Don’t work too hard ……LOVE…..Pat

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