You Used to Laugh

Health Tip #19  Laugh

People who laugh for approximately 15 minutes a day tend to live
longer, healthier, and happy lives. It can also help you loose up to 4 pounds a year; isn’t’ that a laugh?

Can you be in pain and still have a genuine laugh?  Of course you can.

Can you complain about everything around you, always see the negative and reject everything and everyone who is a little different and still have a genuine laugh?  Probably not.  Living takes a toll from everyone but there is no reason you need to volunteer more.  Being the stoic “old curmudgeon” doesn’t attract good will from anyone.  If you haven’t laughed in a while, start with a smile and a chuckle (you don’t want to scare your friends and family).  If you can’t muster up a big belly laugh, find some visual aids.  Johny Carson monologues, The Three Stooges, and funny movie clips are available in YouTube and on video DVDs.

Call up an old friend or play with puppies, children or circus clowns, whatever it takes to bring out the contagious laughter that has been hiding inside you.

This is your second adult life.  At mid-life, you could live at least another forty years.  Try your best to fill it with laughter.

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