I’m Afraid

Dear Rick,
I’m 49 and want to go back to school. I dropped out of college to have my first son and never went back. My two boys are grown and out of the house now. We can live off my husband’s salary. My husband is ok with me going back to school but I’m afraid I’ll make a fool of myself. I’m not as sharp as I was at 19 and I’m already having “senior moments”. What can I do?

Marianne from South Bend, IN

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  1. Dear Marianne,
    You didn’t say if you have a specific major or career goal in mind but I think you may find this to be easier than you expect. First of all, your maturity, discipline and life experiences give you an advantage over an 18 year old trying to deal with the social as well as academics of college life.
    If it is possible your fears may actually keep you from returning to school, you could enroll in an online college education but I think the youthful energy of an actual college campus will be a big lift to your spirits. If you have a community college nearby, see if you can sign up for a single course that might be of interest to you. Once you are comfortable attending that class, sign up for the others you would like to attend.
    I admire you for wanting to expand your mind.
    If you are an AddedYears member, download the information on building better self-esteem. Good Luck and let me know how it all works out.


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